ACACIA PARK CEMETERY ASSOCIATION (An Ohio Not for Profit Corporation) ACACIA LANDMARK Peace & Serenity of Acacia Memorial Park


As set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, the ACACIA PARK CEMETERY ASSOCIATION is organized exclusively for cemetery purposes.

The name of the organization is ACACIA PARK CEMETERY ASSOCIATION. The organization was formed under the laws of the State of Ohio on March 7, 1927 and has not been formed for the making of any profit or personal financial gain.

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A MASON is a MAN and a BROTHER whose TRUST is in GOD. He meets you on the LEVEL and acts upon the SQUARE. Truth is his COMPASS and he is ever PLUMB. He has a true GRIP on all that is RITE. He is loyal to his ORDER * and whatever his DEGREE he is MASTER of himself. In the LODGE of life he wears unstained the white LAMB-SKIN of Innocence. From his INITIATION as an ENTERED APPRENTICE he travels ever EAST toward the LIGHT of WISDOM until he receives the final – the DIVINE PASSWORD that admits him into the INEFFABLE PRESENCE OF THE ETERNAL SUPREME GRAND MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE


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